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New Paradigm 

in PPE Consulting

The Five Technologies provides perfect PPE consulting service including the well-known site walkthough survey, respiratory fit testing, and most suitable PPE recommendation complying with regulation and specific needs of the vertical and application.




Walkthrough Survey

Visit workplace and analyze hazard based on observation and worker interview. Official report will be published with proper PPE recommendations.

Respirator Fit Testing

QLFT and QNFT service can be provided for all kinds of respiratory protection including PAPR, SAR, and SCBA.

Respiratory Protection Program

Help in setting the respirator protection program complying of OSHA requirements,  29 CFR 1910.

PPE Recommendation

Provide the list of PPEs workable with wide range of price and brand. Respirator service life estimation will be provided as well.

PPE Training

From beginner's training to regular maintenance training, all topics can be covered.

PPE Distribution

MSA, AVON, and Polygard are available. OHD QNFT is also handled.



So far the PPE purchasing has been done by the recommendation of PPE manufacturers which was sometimes very proper as the manufacturers are the most knowledgeable on the PPEs. However we found sometimes their recommendations were biased as they need to pursue profits.

Five Technologies Co. is aiming honest PPE recommendation by selling multiple PPE brands and also connecting proper PPE vendors - if we do not handle the product. With more than 10 years of field experience covering all APAC area, we are very eager to visit your company and have consulting on the PPEs and, if needed, help in setting up the most suitable PPE system in your workplaces.

Globally each item has the dominant players - not always means the dominant is the best but usually it is correct - and we feel those players also need to play well in Korea. We will lubricate the process for launching those major global players along with endeavor to develop local goods have same performance and substitute the demand in the long run.


Our Industrial Hygienist

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Ohtaek Son
US CIH, KR Welder

Tel: 070-4786-0861



Five Technologies


218 The Blue SPES, 47-7 Metapolis-ro

Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, 18454 

Tel. 070-4786-0861

Fax. 050-7536-2484


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